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"After working with Allison through the ten series I was able to reach a new level of physical health.  With each session, I could feel dramatic changes in the range of motion in each area of my body. All of my muscle groups started to feel more fluid and after a few months I was the strongest and most pain free I had been in years. Allison was able to correct my form on certain exercises and show me how to properly build up the strength of my lower back. All along, Allison had been emphasizing how important it was to stretch a little each day and would give me little things to do as homework in between sessions. As I became more flexible I noticed a huge increase in the stability of my body.

Allison's other passion is Yoga and she blended it seamlessly with my physical development. Allison was able to tailor a routine specifically to my needs and I use it regularly. Rather than just fix my problem, Allison was genuinely interested in educating me to avoid further problems and have a better quality of life. I recommended my sister to Allison who has had chronic back pain due to 15 years of gymnastics and three back surgeries with varying degrees of success. After going through the same process of Rolfing and Yoga my sister is now pain free and my entire family credits Allison with her new look on life. Fifty years down the road I will credit Allison with my families continued health and well being.  She has been an amazing resource and I always look forward to learning something new from her."

- Tyler Henrion 32, Financial Adviser, Denver, CO

"Ten years prior to discovering Rolfing I had a herniated disk in my back(L4-L5), a ruptured disk (L5-S1) and had surgery to repair the damage. That 'repair' lasted for about three years before the pain started coming back. The pain became part of my daily life. Everyday was painful, some days severely, but I managed to continue on. After seeing me hobbling around the office a coworker told me about Rolfing and how it had helped his back problem. I was ready to try anything so I called the Rolf Institute and that's how I met Allison.

Allison was very patient, understanding and was able to sense my pain. She was always making sure that nothing we did caused me further pain. Allison's professionalism really showed when my hip/back 'locked up' on the table and I couldn't even sit up. She very calmly rolled me over and started working on my sacrum and hips. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I didn't feel anything distinct occur, like the crack of a chiropractic adjustment, but my body knew something drastic had changed. It was very emotional. After that session my back pain was greatly reduced. Since completing the full 10 session series I've had very little, short term, back pain. Perhaps one day a month do I even think about my back. Working with Allison and going through the Rolfing series has changed my life. I used to spend many nights laying on the floor in agony, desperately trying to crack my back to relieve the pain. Now, I am able to enjoy life again. My wife has noticed the improvement in my attitude and general disposition, as have I. And my climbing has improved as well."

- Matthew Tepe, 43, Climber/Software Engineer, Boulder, CO

"After giving birth, I had little energy and felt physically "scattered." I felt like I was still carrying all the weight of pregnancy even though I was no longer pregnant. During the Rolfing process with Allison, I began to rediscover my body from the feet up. After each session, I felt so much lighter and put back together. Allison has a way of working that helps you see past your body image into the wonder of how the body works. I was able to experience myself in a whole new light."

- D.V. 35, Therapist and first-time mom, Denver, CO

"I am an active 61 year old man who is athletic, healthy, and works full time. As a Boulder resident for the last 15 yrs, I have seen a lot of great therapists doing body and energy work. Allison's abilities as a therapist are extraordinary and what you would expect from someone who has been practicing for decades. I think this is due to her natural abilities as a healer, which she has cultivated to a very high level through her dedication and brightness of spirit and heart. She has the ability to fuse eastern and western healing wisdom in the power of her presence, which is truly extraordinary. I would recommend Allison to anyone who seeks a very refined level of therapist to work the physical and energetic bodies."

- Carl Kalin, 61, Sales, Boulder, CO

"A year ago I survived a serious neck injury. I broke three vertebrae in my neck, C1, C6, and C7 from a diving accident. Throughout my recovery, I have been interested in learning and experimenting with different modalities to relieve my neck and low-back pain, and my deteriorating posture.

I am always excited yet a bit skeptical when trying a new practice of any kind. After my first session with Allison, I felt an immediate response from my body. Not only did my body seem more relaxed and at peace, but it felt balanced and realigned. Since my first session was such a positive experience and because I felt instant relief from Allison's work, I returned to become a regular client of Rolfing. After a few more sessions with Allison my neck and low-back pain had significantly decreased and I could sleep comfortably through the night. Range of motion in my neck increased dramatically and my entire body was more at ease. I feel very comfortable with Allison and really enjoy her style of practice. She has an amazing energy while working with you and is very tuned in to your body. She is very specific and clear in the way she explains her techniques as well as the results from her work.  I am a complete advocate of Rolfing and love what it has done for me physically as well as mentally!"

- Annemarie Carzoli, 26, Tele-skier and Climber, Denver, CO

The beauty of Rolfing and Allison is her ability to take all of your experiences with your body into consideration. For Allison, every part of you is connected to the whole. This mentality truly allows her to shift your body to its full potential. I would recommend visiting Allison for Rolfing sessions to anyone regardless of what problems they may or may not have with their body. You will walk away with a new sense of awareness both physically and mentally and truly come to own the body you have been occupying all these years."

- Jenny Turbanic, 28, Outdoor Adventure Guide, Denver, CO

I like to use my body and to be outside and active. I also spend a lot of time behind a computer for my work and tons of time playing the guitar. Running and skiing has impacted my knees and computer/guitar time has impacted my back and shoulders. Allison uses Rolfing to stretch me out and make me feel more limber, more fluid and more comfortable. But- she has also helped me to be much more in control of my body. By studying the way I walk, run and sit, Allison has pointed out my habits and shown me new patterns of movement and awareness which are much more effective. Allison does more than manipulate my body and soft tissue at each appointment - she gives me the tools to walk, stand and sit much more comfortably. I use the tools that Allison has taught me all the time - walking around town, hiking in the mountains, sitting at work or playing my guitar. It is amazing!

- Chris H. 33, Web Designer and Musician, Denver, CO

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